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Hi Guys, Yesterday, when I had to restore some data for the user it failed. I was sure that I have all the necessary tapes. When I checked library I noticed that one of the tapes has suspect status. After short searching for a solution, I found out that I…

Hi Guys, This happens very often that you are going to services.msc and you want to restart service and after a few seconds, you see that service is hung (grey out). Step1. Grab the name of the service. Step2. Get PID of the queryex servername looking for PID Step3….

Hi Guys, It happened for me a few times that QNAP interface was frozen and I didn’t have physical access to the device. The easy way is to use SSH and run this command: kill `ps –no-headers -C apache -o pid`kill `ps –no-headers -C apache -o pid`