You probably install Ubuntu server in AWS and apt-get failed. It is not working because AWS NACLs are stateless. You need to allow inbound return traffic for the response. Source: Protocol: TCP Port Rage: 32768-65535 Allow/Deny: ALLOW Have a good one.

Hi Guys, It happened for me a few times that QNAP interface was frozen and I didn’t have physical access to the device. The easy way is to use SSH and run this command: kill `ps –no-headers -C apache -o pid`kill `ps –no-headers -C apache -o pid`

If you use QNAP which is not connected to UPS you probably see error   “File System is not clean”  very often.  This is my way how to check and clean files system fast on QNAP. Step 1: You have to connect to QNAP via SSH. Step 2: Copy and…